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RO water system Replacement cartridges, compatible to all conventional water system

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Original price RM399.00
Current price RM299.95
  • 100% Authentic OmniPure Filters set.
  • RO water filtration system, compatible to all elken, all convetional ro system.
  • 1 x K5605 Sediment: Remove rust, mud, dirt and soil.
  • 1 x K5633 Granular Activated Carbon, taste & odor reduction.
  • 1 x Filmtec Dow 50 GPD Ro membrane filter
  • 1 x T33 Activated Carbon Removes chlorine, odor taste and chemical.
  • Do.It.YourSelf package. 
  • Free 6 units Connector & 1 Meter Tube hose