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Korea PPA100 Tankless Countertop Water Purifier System

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What's in the Box?

  • Pureal PPA100 Counter-Top Water Purifier System
  • User Manual and Fitting
  • FREE Extra 2pcs Filter 1 Cartridge


  • FREE 1x time standard installation for the covered area, KL, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Johor. (Whatsapp us at +6012 326 4381 for further assistance)


  • Model: Pureal PPA100 Counter-Top Water Purifier System (Pureal PU: On Standard)
  • Pureal Water Purifier is a PnP Tankless Counter-Top Version with a slim compact design without a tank
  • Has space efficiency at any place. It also has new Nanotechnology in the filter and a sanitary and easy filter replacement system. It is no need for electricity, so there is no noise during working
  • Size: 115mm (W) x 436mm (D) x 341mm (H) - 4kg
  • Working Pressure: 0.7 kgf/cm² - 7 kgf/cm²
  • Temperature: 4 °c - 38 °c


1. 115mm - Compact and Slim Design

  • Can be harmonized with any place by luxury and slim design

2. Easy Filter Replacement System

  • Everyone can replace filters with an easy and quick filter replacement system

3. Optimum Filter Solution

  • High-quality filter system with the best filtration performance

4. Exchangeable Tap

  • Sanitary parts by self-wash of changeable tap

5. No Electricity and No Noise

  • No worry about electric charge and noise

6. Changeable Tray

  • Any size of the pot and available to get water with a changeable tray

7. Special Technology with a Slim Design

  • When the door opens the system shuts off the feed water and releases the internal pressure, which will help you replace filters

8. Tankless Water Purifier

  • Clean and Fresh Water
  • This system will provide you freshwater without a tank in which bacterial may grow

3 Filters Water Purification System:

1st Stage - Pre-Carbon Block Filter:

  • To remove Particle, Rust, Chlorine, and VOCs and prevent bacteria growth by Silver elution.

2nd Stage - Nano Stream/ Electro Positive Membrane Filter:

  • To removes, Bacteria, Virus, Microbe, and Heavy metal and prevents bacteria growth by Silver elution.

3rd Stage - Silver Carbon Block Filter:

  • Removes Chlorine, Organic chemicals and prevents bacteria growth by Silver elution. Also makes a better taste of water.

Why PnP Filter System?

  • Every one can Change without a Technician
  • Easy One-Touch Filter Replacement
  • The Water Purifier has a PnP Quick Change Filter System
  • Even Children can Replace the Filters also
  • No Tools and Parts for Filter Replacement
  • Automatic Shut-Off Water During Filter Replacement