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🔥 7.7 MEGA SALE! RM77 OFF EVERYTHING! 🔥 (Min. RM700 Order & above) Valid until 10 July. T&Cs Apply
🔥 7.7 MEGA SALE! RM77 OFF EVERYTHING! 🔥 (Min. RM700 Order & above) Valid until 10 July. T&Cs Apply


24cm/8pc Set/UF/EP/pH Alkaline/RO Set/ Korea Picogram Water Filters / Water Dispenser / Water Purifier Cartridges

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Select your option: 

  • (A)24cm/UF/8pc Set = (4)Sediment/(12)Pre-Carbon/(1)UF Membrane/(1)Silver-Post Carbon
  • (B)24cm/EP/8pc Set = (4)Sediment Filter/(2)Pre-Carbon/(1)EP Membrane/(1)Silver-Post Carbon
  • (C)24cm/Nano Alkaline/8pc Set = (4)DS Filter/(2)EP/(1)pH Alkaline/(1)Silver-Post Carbon
  • (D)24cm/RO/8pc Set = (4)Sediment Filter/(2)Pre-Carbon/(1)RO Membrane /(1)Silver-Post Carbon
  • FREE: Fittings & Tube Hose

Filters Overview:

  • Premium Alkaline Filter: This Alkaline water filter makes Minerals-rich alkaline water with strong antioxidant activity. It helps boost body energy & hydration. tested & proven.
  • SEDIMENT FILTER (Capacity: 900L): The filter reduces sediment particles such as dirt and sands down to nominal in size from feed water and protects second pre-carbon block filters
  • DS Carbon Filter (Capacity: 900L): The filter removes rust, sand, dust, Chlorine, and VOCs. Filter replacement every 3 months. Fitter replacement every 3 months.

  • PRE-CARBON FILTER (Capacity: 1800L): The pre-carbon block filter made of activated carbon removes chlorine and absorbs harmful organic chemicals from feed water.
  • UF MEMBRANE FILTER (Capacity: 3600L): Hollow Fiber membrane filter of a micro-scale pore size has a selective function filtering unwanted chemicals and microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, algae) while allowing beneficial minerals to go through
  • *ELECTRO POSITIVE MEMBRANE: Nanofiltration membranes have moderate retention of univalent salts and can filter organic substances. This filter removes bacteria, viruses, microbes, pesticides, and heavy metals. Filter replacement every 12 months.
  • *RO MEMBRANE FILTER (Capacity: 7200L): RO membrane Filter Removes water contaminants such as heavy metals, waterborne microorganisms, and harmful organic chemicals.
  • SILVER-POST-CARBON FILTER (Capacity:3600L): Silver post-carbon block filter made of activated carbon removes the bad tastes and absorbs some of the harmful organic chemicals that may b