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🔥 7.7 MEGA SALE! RM77 OFF EVERYTHING! 🔥 (Min. RM700 Order & above) Valid until 10 July. T&Cs Apply
🔥 7.7 MEGA SALE! RM77 OFF EVERYTHING! 🔥 (Min. RM700 Order & above) Valid until 10 July. T&Cs Apply


(Shocking Deal)(Nano Alkaline) Real Instant Hot Tap | Experience the Ease of Modern Living: One-Touch Instant Hot Water at Your Fingertips! *FREE Installation

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Original price RM2,999.00
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Current price RM1,880.00

Unlock Convenience with Real Instant Hot Tap – The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Kitchen!

Transform your kitchen into a haven of efficiency and modernity with the Real Instant Hot Tap. Designed for those who value their time and health, this innovative system brings the future of convenience to your home with a single touch. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to instant satisfaction.

Product Features:

- Instant Gratification: Get water at your desired temperature - fast! Whether it's 90 °C for boiling, 85 °C for the perfect cup of coffee, or 45 °C for baby-safe milk, the choice is yours at the push of a button.

- Tailored to Taste: With our Customized Temperature feature, you have the power to fine-tune the water temperature to your exact preference. Personalization has never been so simple or so precise.

- Compact Design: The sleek, space-saving unit fits neatly under your sink, making it the perfect addition to any home or apartment, no matter the size. Your kitchen space is maximized, and your countertops stay clutter-free.

- Eco-Smart Technology: Embrace a greener lifestyle with a system that heats water on demand, ensuring more energy efficiency than traditional water heaters. Enjoy lower utility bills while reducing your environmental footprint.

- Minimal Maintenance: Free yourself from the worry of rust and leaks. With no tank to maintain, you'll spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying the benefits of the system.

And here's one for the "Nano Filtration System":

Pureal® Nano Filtration System: Purity in Every Drop!

Elevate your water with the pureal® Nano Filtration System. Engineered with precision and health in mind, this system delivers unparalleled purity through its advanced six-stage nanofiltration process. Enjoy water that’s not just clean, but pureal clean.

 Innovative Filtration Stages:

  • Nano Alkaline Water Purifier System

Certified Excellence:

- NSF Certified: Materials selected for your safety and confidence.

- KMF Halal Certified: Meeting stringent quality standards.

- KC Mark Certified: A symbol of trusted quality.

Choose the pureal® Nano Filtration System for a life where pure water is not a luxury, but a given. Because your family deserves the purest water, every day.