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Fits snugly in the refrigerator door or vegetable compartment.

Quickly purifies a liter of water in just five minutes.

Includes easy cartridge replacement indicator dial. It reminds you when to change the filter cartridge, so you can always have fresh water.

  • JAPAN Torayvino Pitcher! All Parts & filter from JAPAN.
  • 100% Authentic JAPAN Torayvino pitcher filter.
  • Large Capacity 2.0L
  • Special layout makes you feel less heavy & easy to carry.
  •  Remove 12 materials specified in the Japanese Industrial Standard for testing water purifiers
  • Speedy filtration (0.2L/min)
  • Model: PT304V
  • Suitable Household, Office, Outdoor Activity & event party.
Filtration performance

The filtration system in TORAYVINO® pitcher type water purifiers minimize water flow resistance so that it possible to generate a higher flow of filtered water.

Note: The amount of time it takes to filter one liter of water may be more or less than five minutes, depending on the water quality, water temperature, time of year, region, pouring method, and other factors.

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