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Doulton Slimline / Imperial OBE Ceramic Water Filter Candle with Ecotech POE point of entry water filter / Antibacterial/ lead reduction / heavy metals removal(ultracarb) Pre-Filter / Water Filter / Water Dispenser Pre Filter

Original price RM129.00 - Original price RM249.00
Original price
RM129.00 - RM249.00
Current price RM129.00

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  • 1. Ecotech POE system + Doulton OBE Sterasyl Filter (Anti-Bacterial, remove turbidity>98% ....)
  • 2. Ecotech POE System + Doulton Imperial Sterasyl Filter (Advaced version of OBE Sterasyl)
  • 3. Ecotech POE System + Doulton OBE Ultracarb Filter (+ Lead reduction)
  • Body dimension: (W)11.5cm x (H) 31cm
  • Doulton OBE Sterasyl Ceramic Water Filter Candle, effectively remove heavy metal, anti-bacterial, lead reduction, improve odour taste
  • 3/4" Inlet/Outlet Pipe Thread
  • Food Grade Housing
  • Maximum Pressure 125psi
  • Housing with Double O Ring Sealed
  • Fit for all 10" Sediment filter
  • Can install at Cold Water line
  • Suit for drinking water line
  • Can installed upside down or variety angle
  • 1 year warranty for the housing body only