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(limited time) Enhance Your Health with the Doulton HIS Biotect Ultra (NSF) In-Counter Drinking Water Filter: Expertly Designed *FREE Installation!

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Current price RM1,399.00

Elevate Your Water Purity with Doulton HIS Biotect Ultra (NSF) In-Counter Drinking Water Purifier

 A Lifetime Investment in Health and Well-being!

 🚚 FREE Installation (KL & Selangor)

  What’s in the Box?

  • Complete Doulton HIS Biotect Ultra System:
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Biotect Ultra Filter Element
  • Superior Pillar Tap
  • Complimentary Fittings and Tube Hose: For hassle-free installation.


  • Elegant Stainless Steel Design: Durable and classy, ideal for new homeowners.
  • Doulton Difference: Experience Britain's premium brand since 1826.
  • Crafted in England: Quality and performance embodied in the BTU 2504 system.
  • Certified Excellence: Adhering to ISO9001, WRAS, and more.
  • Advanced Filtration: Removes heavy metals and preserves essential minerals.
  • Optimal Flow Rate: 2 Bars - 1.9L/min, ensuring efficiency under low pressure.
  • Direct Drinking Mineral Water System: Healthy water directly from your tap.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Comprehensive coverage for peace of mind.

  BTU BioTect Ultra Ceramic Drinking Water Filter Candle (NSF):

  • Advanced Composition: Activated carbon block with heavy metal reduction.
  • Benefits: Removes particles, bacteria, cysts, chlorine, and more.
  • Dimensions & Weight: 10" x 2" diameter, 0.8 kg.
  • Range & System: M12 Short Mount, Pressure system.

 Filter Performance:

  • Natural Diatom Ceramic: Filters sediments, rust, herbicides, and cysts.
  • Silver Ions: Natural antibacterial agent.
  • Activated Carbon Block: Reduces chlorine, taste, and odor.
  • Ion Exchange Materials: Reduces heavy metals.

 Key Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly: No electricity required.
  • Mineral Preservation: Retains essential minerals.
  • Reusable Ceramic Filter: Environmentally friendly and long-term value.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: Removes harmful contaminants, improves taste.

 BioTect Ultra® Highlights:

  • Micro Filtration & Organics Removal: Specialized in mercury and cadmium elimination. 
  • Filtration Rating: Absolute efficiency at 0.9 micron, 0.2 micron nominal.
  • Chemical Efficiency: Over 85% removal of insecticides and herbicides.
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Up to 95% removal efficiency.
  • Chloroform & Heavy Metals: Significant reduction, NSF certified.
  • Cadmium & Mercury Reduction: Averages 99% for mercury, 95% for cadmium.


Transform your home's water quality with the Doulton HIS Biotect Ultra - Your ultimate solution for pure, healthy, and great-tasting water.