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Doulton 2x HIP + UCC 9501(NSF) + Carbon Block 9C94 (IN)Undercounter Water Purifier System [FREE INSTALLATION + EXTRA 2 FILTERS]

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What's in the Box?
  • Doulton HIP System Body + Ultracarb (NSF) + Carbon Block 9C94 with Deluxe Faucet (2 set)

  • FREE Doulton Ultracarb 9501(NSF) Ceramic Water Filter Candle (1pc)

  • FREE Doulton Carbon Block 9C94 Chlorine Reduction Water Treatment Cartridge (1pc)

  • FREE Installation covered area KL and Selangor

  • Doulton HIP + UltraCarb Filter System provides a high level of Chlorine and organics removal, along with lead and other heavy metal reduction.
  • Four-stage water filtration system designed for chemical, microbiological and heavy metals (lead) reduction, bacteriostatic.
  • Removes unpleasant tastes and odors, particulate, and turbidity. Do not remove minerals from the water, which are beneficial to health.
Doulton HIP Water Filter System
  • Plastic Undercounter Filtration System in white, created for those who require additional water filtration technology to help target specific water concerns.
  • Tuck under the kitchen sink. Compact, space-saving design. The discrete solution to drinking water filtration for homeowners and families.
  • Material: Food-Grade Plastic
  • Durable, simple to maintain and wholly reliable
  • Pair with our ceramic filter element or water treatment cartridge of your choice for clean, tasty filtered drinking water.
  • Regular consumption of clean, filtered drinking water offers optimal skin hydration and essential nutrient absorption.
Doulton Ultracarb 9501 / 9504 (NSF) Ceramic Water Filter Candle
  • Fitted with an activated carbon block insert containing lead removal media
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Size: 10″ (254mm) long x 2″ (49mm) diameter
  • Range: BSP Short 3/4" (19mm) Threaded Mount
  • Benefits: Removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc. with additional chlorine, organics, and lead removal capabilities.
  • Chlorine reduction @ 2PPM (Taste & Odour): 94.2%
  • Nominal Particulate Reduction: Class 1
  • Cyst Reduction: >99.99%
  • Turbidity Reduction: >98%
  • Lead Reduction: 97.3%
  • Capacity: 2300L
  • Flow Rate @ 3 Bar: 1.9 LPM
  • NOT compatible with FRANKE Housings
  • System: Pressure

Doulton Carbon Block 9C94 Chlorine Reduction Water Treatment Cartridge

  • Designed for the reduction of chlorine within municipal water supplies to significantly improve the taste and odor of drinking water
  • For use within a multi-filtration system including our Dual Countertop system and our Dual Undercounter system. Pair our chlorine filter with our ceramic filter element to achieve great-tasting filtered drinking water
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Chlorine reduction: up to 97%
  • Size: 10" (254mm) long x 2" (49mm) diameter
  • Micro Rating: ≥ 1 micron rating
  • Capacity: 15000L / 4000 gallon
  • System: Pressure