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UF1000-NEW Ultra Filtration Whole House Water Filters System

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Current price RM999.95

NOTE: Auto timer is recommended for auto-backwash / flushing to maintain a better lifespan of UF membrane filter.

Whats's in the Box?

  • UF1000 - NEW Matt SUS304 Stainless Steel Whole House Filtration System


  • Model: UF1000 - NEW Matt SUS304 Stainless Steel Whole House Filtration System
  • Removes harmful bacteria, microorganisms, colloidal, and most viruses
  • Purify your water with Outdoor Water Filter Systems
  • Ideal for Household, Restaurant, Commercial, and Industry use
  • Water Purity Up To 99.99%
  • Filtration Density Of 0.01 Micron
  • Cleanest Outdoor Filtration
  • Hassle-Free Self Maintenance
  • Space Saver, Vertical / Horizontal
  • Great For Skin Care And Healthcare
  • Protect Your Household Equipment
  • High Flow Rate, Support Large Usage
  • 2500L Water per hour
  • SUS 304 Matt Surface Stainless Steel Casing

What are UF Membrane Advantages?

  • Block 99.9% Viruses and Pathogens – have a smooth inner core morphology and small pore size
  • Reduce and Less Downtime – high quality of Polysulfone hollow fiber filter can have a longer lifespan, up to 24 - 36 months
  • Easy Operation – Minimal system connections, easy installation, outstanding reliability, and just 2 simple modes to maintain the daily usage of the system, filtration mode, direct flushing/auto-backwash mode
  • Affordable Price and Good Filtration Performance
  • The competence of Super Membrane UF1000-NEW is the hollow fiber membrane filter made of Ultra Fine polyethylene. The sidewalls can remove minutes particles as 0.01 micro in tap water and antibacterials, algae, fungi, micro-organisms, cysts, cryptosporidium, metals particles, rust, lead and etc
  • Polysulfone membrane exhibit a wide pH tolerance, high-temperature limit good oxidant resistance.
  • UF1000 - NEW Ultra Filtration Membrane System is the outdoor water purifier, the latest membrane-based water filtration technology.It is the latest water filtration solution to produce the cleanest drinking water.
  • Compared to the conventional filter cartridge, Ultra Filtration System possesses a pore size of a mere 0.01 micron. Consequently, 99.99% of impurities and harmful residue in the water is not able to pass through it.
  • The large membrane area permits a huge amount of water to be filtered at a time, thus resulting in a high flow rate that is capable of offering the entire household ample quality water.