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What's in the Box?

  • Ioncares Alkaline Ionizer Replacement Cartridge Filter 1


  • Model: Ioncares Alkaline Ionizer Replacement Cartridge Filter 1
  • Trusted Reliable Reputable Merchant
  • Filter’s life expectancy is set on 3,500L (both 1st and 2nd filter)
  • High-Density Sediment removes substances bigger than 0.1 Microns
  • Granular Activated Carbon removes Organic Chemicals, Formaldehyde, Phenols, Trihalomethane(ABS), Petrochemical Substances (Benzene, Toluene), Residual Chlorine


  • International customer's via FEDEX. Shipping Fee Applies
  • After-Sales Service and Support is available


    • At first, the filter’s life expectancy is set on 3,500(both 1st and 2nd filter), and when it is about 350L left, the Ionizer announces the need of changing the filter by voice information.
    • When the filter is exhausted, the Ionizer will display the number ‘000’ on the LCD panel, issues voice comment-filter change request, and stop the water flow.
    • Activated Ionizer automatically blocks the inflow valve (that of tap water) and prevents water leak, when you change the filter.
    • With any new filter, there may be some carbon dust mixed in with the water at first used. For this reason, it is best to allow water to circulate through ionizer for 60 seconds prior to consumption so that carbon dust may be purged.
    • For best result, allow water to flow through ionizer for 2-3 minutes when ionizer is not used for more than 3 days. This will allow, in any state, residual water to be purged.
    • The introduction of warm or hot water will greatly reduce the performance of the filter. Consider immediate replacement should this occur.