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🔥 7.7 MEGA SALE! RM77 OFF EVERYTHING! 🔥 (Min. RM700 Order & above) Valid until 10 July. T&Cs Apply
🔥 7.7 MEGA SALE! RM77 OFF EVERYTHING! 🔥 (Min. RM700 Order & above) Valid until 10 July. T&Cs Apply


Toray MK308T Faucet Water Filter, Toray Cassetty includes 1 built-in & FREE 1 additional Cartridge

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**Revolutionize Your Kitchen with Cassetti® 308T: The Ultimate Water Purification Solution**

Unlock the power of pristine water in your home with the Cassetti® 308T. This faucet direct connection type is designed not just to purify your water but to transform your daily water usage into a luxurious experience. With the model number MK308T, this device is not just another water filter; it's a commitment to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

**What's in the Box?**
- Cassetti®308T main unit (with 1 cartridge)
- A user-friendly manual to guide you through a hassle-free setup

**Sophisticated, Space-Saving Design**
The Cassetti® 308T is a triumph of compact engineering, designed to fit neatly in any kitchen without sacrificing performance. With a clear cartridge replacement guide and a handy switching lever, it's a breeze to maintain. Plus, with its 30% water-saving function, you're not only saving money, you're also contributing to the well-being of our planet.

**Innovative Features for Enhanced Usability**
- **Multi-functional Lever**: Effortlessly switch between purified water and tap water with the simple-to-use lever.
- **Visual Replacement Indicator**: Stay on top of maintenance with the semi-monthly manual setting that adapts to your usage.
- **Economic Water Flow**: Enjoy the perfect water pressure for dishwashing without waste, thanks to the refined water spray technology.

**Unparalleled Purification Capabilities**
- The Cassetti® 308T excels in removing harmful substances like chlorine, trihalomethanes, and mold odors (2-MIB), ensuring every drop is clean and safe.
- The robust filtration system is confirmed to remove organic fluorine compounds (PFOS/PFOA), safeguarding your family's health.
- The device supports hot water up to 50 degrees, perfect for dishwashing or cleaning food.

**Advanced Filtration Technology**
- Utilizing a high-tech hollow fiber filter, similar to those used in medical applications, the Cassetti® 308T captures minute impurities while preserving essential minerals.
- Certified to remove 99.99% of bacteria, you can trust in the safety and quality of your water.

**Effortless Monitoring and Maintenance**
- A convenient view window lets you check the cartridge's condition at a glance, ensuring you always know when it's time for a change.

**Adaptable Replacement Cartridges**
- Compatible with MKC.TJ (600L) and MKC.T2J (2 pieces) cartridges, you have the flexibility to choose the replacement that fits your needs.
- Filter replacement is suggested every two months, based on a 10L per day usage, ensuring you always have fresh, clean water.

**Essential Product Specs**
- JAN code: 4 960685 892122
- Dimensions: Height 91mm/Width 123mm/Depth 77mm
- Filtration flow rate: 2.0L/min
- The product withstands a pressure resistance of 350kPa, assuring durability and reliability.

**Usage Precautions**
- Intended for use with water that meets tap water quality standards.