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ChungHo Water Purifier OMNI (WHITE) Hot Cold Ambient Water Dispenser

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RM3,499.00 - RM3,499.00
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Omni Water Purifier

  • modern elegant white color design
  • 3-in-1 water purifier with improved chungho patented peace of mind technology
  • Ambient - 4.6 L
  • Hot - 0.6 L
  • Cold - 3.0 L
  • 1 year warranty by chungho Malaysia

1. Compact size (width: 29 cm)
Compact-sized water purifiers can be installed freely where you want as effectively utilizing the space.

2. Extended water dispensing space
It is convenient to take water by any shape of the bottle as big as 1.5L bottle as capacity with the dispensing height of more than 25cm.

3. ACS smart cleaning function
This makes users not to worry about contamination by bacteria as it empties the ambient water and cold tank automatically once every 4 days in fixed time and fill the clean water.

4. Dual heating system
Hot water is made by the instant heating method and hot tank heating method and users can easily select the method by their preference. It enhances energy efficiency.

5. Easy filters replacement
It is convenient to replace filters as they could be detached by just lifting them.

6. Touch sensor application
Unlike ordinary button applications, the product has built-in touch-sensor buttons. The easy-to-use sensor application is designed for effortless and enjoyable drinking water.

7. One-touch drainage function system
It is more convenient than it can empty ambient and cold water within by simple touch of one button.

8. Water level detection sensor
Differed from the ordinary float level sensor, the capacitive sensor is used for improving water level detection accuracy without a float. Capacitive sensor stably detects the water level in a more reliable and safer way. The signal from the sensor is sent to a controller in order to automatically adjust the purified water level.

9. Constant water dispensing function
It enables users to take ambient or cold water constantly by setting constant water function and pressing water dispensing button up to 0.5L.

10. Operation by sensors
Hot water temp. sensor/room temp. sensor, cold water temp/ sensor are built in the machine.

11. Water leakage valve
The source water is blocked by a water leakage valve if it detects any leakage inside the product.

12. Display of abnormal occurrence and reinforced safety function
The safety features of the unit have been enhanced in order to prevent various problems from occurring.The system will inform the user of abnormal occurrences through a flashing display LED and by automatically stopping the water purification function when an abnormality in the system is detected.

13. Automatic water dispensing
This system function is convenient to the user as it enables ambient water, cold water and hot water to serve by pressing a button slightly.

14. Operation beep sound
This provides users with sound effects (Ding, Dingdong~ etc) which indicate operation setting upon pressing button by changing its sound.

15. Default function
Water selection is programmed to return to cold water selection which is most frequented water temperature even after ambient water is selected. (after 10sec.)

16. Filter cleaning system
Applied the automatic cleaning system that always keeps the best filter performance by removing the accumulated contaminants inside the filter.

TYPE: Counter Top
FILTRATION TECH:  Reverse Osmosis 0.0001μm

HOT 270W - 1,640W (Instant)
COLD 0.72A

HOT 0.57 Liter
COLD 3.0 Liter
AMBIENT 4.6 Liter

STAGE 1 Sediment
STAGE 2 Pre-Carbon
STAGE 3 R.O Membrane
STAGE 4 Post-Carbon


  • Auto Cleaning System ACS
  • Anti Stagnant Water NWPW
  • Booster Pump
  • Hybrid Hot Water System

290W x 497D x 474H - 19.5Kg


FREE first-year onsite service with filters replacement.

  1. Every 3 months for maintenance, cleaning, sanitation, and filter replacement.
  2. In the second year, customers may subscribe to the membership for services & maintenance extension.