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🔥 7.7 MEGA SALE! RM77 OFF EVERYTHING! 🔥 (Min. RM700 Order & above) Valid until 10 July. T&Cs Apply
🔥 7.7 MEGA SALE! RM77 OFF EVERYTHING! 🔥 (Min. RM700 Order & above) Valid until 10 July. T&Cs Apply


SHOPNSAVE (Promotion FREE Pureal Hybrid Home PPF-1000 with installation) Hot And Cold Desktop Water Dispenser

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RM2,199.00 - RM2,199.00
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SHOPNSAVE (Halal Certified for Pureal Hybrid Home) Hot and cold Desktop Water Dispenser with Nano Electro Filtration System

100% Brand New Item.

Limited Time Promotion:
- Free Pureal Hybrid Home PPF-1000 System
- Free Installation

A water dispenser offers several benefits that make it a valuable addition to both residential and commercial settings:

**Convenience**: One of the primary benefits of a water dispenser is convenience. It provides easy access to clean, filtered water at any time without the need to store or refrigerate large quantities of bottled water. This is particularly useful in offices, homes, gyms, and other public places where frequent access to water is necessary.

**Cost-effectiveness**: Using a water dispenser can be cost-effective compared to buying bottled water over time. It reduces the recurring expense of purchasing individual bottles and helps save money in the long run.

**Healthier drinking water**: Many water dispensers are equipped with advanced filtration systems that remove contaminants such as chlorine, sediment, lead, and bacteria from tap water. This ensures that the water dispensed is cleaner and safer to drink, promoting better health outcomes for users.

**Temperature options**: This water dispenser offer a variety of temperature options, including hot, cold, and room temperature water. This versatility allows users to enjoy their preferred drinking temperature for various beverages and purposes.

**Design and space efficiency**: Water dispensers come in different sizes and designs to suit different spaces and aesthetics. This water dispenser is a compact countertop model for a small kitchen or a larger freestanding unit for an office break room that fits the specific needs and available space.

This water dispenser combines convenience, cost-effectiveness, improved water quality, environmental benefits, and versatility, making it a practical and beneficial choice for both personal and professional environments.

1. Hot and cold water
2. Compressor cooling
3. Antibacterial stainless steel water storage tank
4. Safe and puified water to drink
5. Certified multistage water purification filters
6. Food grade materials
7. Child safety devices
8. Equipped hot and cold power saving button

HOT water capacity:   1.3L
HOT water temperature:   ≥90°C 
COLD water capacity:   4.2L
COLD water temperature:   ≤ 12°C 
Heating Power:   430W
Voltage : 220V~240V

Built-in filter:
4 filters (Korea Technology filter) with Halal Certified
1) Picogram/Pureal Double Sediment Filter
2) Picogram/Pureal Electro Positive Membrane Filter
3) Picogram/Pureal Alkaline Mineral Filter
4) Picogram/Pureal Silver Post-Carbon Block Filter