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RISHIRI SCALP TONIC 200ML 利尻昆布頭皮滋養液200ml

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Product Description

A blend of 21 organic plant extracts, Medicated Rishiri Hair Essence is a natural hair serum that helps to nurture scalp and strengthen hair. No hair treatment is complete without a serum at the end.

Excess sweat from the heat can cause unpleasant odours and clogged pores. This results in the oxidisation of the glands, resulting in itchiness, dandruff, as well as hair loss. The Rishiri Scalp range of products is the best way to fix these troubles. They contain no chemicals and additives and use only natural Rishiri Konbu and plant extracts to revitalise and promote hair growth easily and safely.

Rishiri Konbu (Kelp) is a plant that is only found in the beautiful land of "Rishiri Island” situated in northern end of Hokkaido in Japan. The high moisture content of this plant helps in the hair water retention and nourishes the scalp from within.

  • imply apply 6-8 spray and massage into your scalp after drying your hair 
  • One bottle can last up to 2-3 months if used daily. 
  • A natural Hair growth agent that makes the hair soft and bouncy. Just spray it in the roots and massage it for a while, to nurture the hair and extends its hair growth.
  • Contains 21 plant extracts, is non-addictive and contains parabens fragrances.


    成份:嚴選21種天然成分配方 利尻昆布萃取加上21種嚴選天然成分萃取調理頭皮狀況、培養美麗秀髮。 海洋之母、大地之母的植物組成的恩惠,就是日本利尻昆布頭皮滋養液的力量 。
    1.天然利尻昆布 滋潤成分 2.甘草 滋潤成分 3.人參 養髮成分 4.日本當藥 養髮成分 5.蘆薈 滋潤成分 6.大蒜 滋潤成分 7.羅馬甘菊 滋潤成分 8.山金車 滋潤成分 9.常春藤 滋潤成分 10.荷蘭芥 滋潤成分 11.茵陳 滋潤成分 12. 短柄野芝麻滋潤成分 13.松 滋潤成分 14.牛蒡根 滋潤成分 15. 迷迭香 滋潤成分 16.苦參 滋潤成分 17.桃葉 滋潤成分 18.川芎 滋潤成分 19.當歸 滋潤成分 20華東椴 滋潤成分 21.胡椒木滋潤成分。
    使用方法:1.洗髮時將頭皮汙垢徹底清潔 2.洗髮後用毛巾將頭髮與頭皮水分充分擦乾 3.噴在在意的部分,塗抹於全部頭髮上 4.輕輕搓揉按摩頭部。
    ※皮膚脆弱、敏感的人請謹慎使用 ※頭皮如有異常狀況或感到不適時請停止使用

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