[RENTAL! RM1 for registration] CL140M MOTION Sk Magic Air Purifier Low Noise built-in Ai LED 4 Sensors & Filters Korea Air Purifier


*PROMO Rental RM85 / month!  VALID UNTIL 31/8/2019

RM1.00, for registration!

RENT & OWN Option:

  • Minimum 3 YEARS contract.
  • After 3 years, no termination fee.
  • Continue another 2 years rental, 
  • After 5 years the machine is ownership to you.


  • FREE one time installation!
  • FREE Onsite Service every 4 months + Filters changing.
  • FREE 5 years warranty.
  • No extra/ hidden cost, just pay monthly rental fee only for 5 years.

click here to learn more the required document 

Smart Motion Air Purifier Cares Air Quality for 365 days

  • 3 Sides suction and smart motion

  • 6 Smart sensors and 
    AI purification system

  • 5 Stage Filter System with Ionizer

Smart Motion Air Purifier senses indoor air quality and autonomously works for the best air quality. Touch Free Smart Motion!

Smart Motion Detecting Sensors

Focused Air care function for living spaces with smart sensors and motion technologies

  • Detect dust generator by various motions in daily life

  • Rotate and pop-up toward to source of dust

  • Focus on suction and purifying dusts around users

  • Sends qualified air to all directions

  • 3-Side Simultaneous Suction

    Suction from three sides to raise purifying efficiency up

  • Front Concentration Mode

    Concentrated delivery purified air farther and faster

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