Replacement Cartridges for Platinum Life Energy 6 Filters , 6 Filter Cartridges , Water Filter Only

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  • 100% Authentic, 100% NEW!
  • Water Filters Replacement Cartridges.
  • Compatible with Platinum Life Energy Water Purifier,
  • Osia Energy Water Purifier, Other Water Purifier..
  • 6 Water Filters.
  • 1 X FILTER A *(ceramic filter only. re-use casing)
  • 1 X FILTER B
  • 1 X FILTER C
  • 1 X FILTER D
  • 1 X FILTER E
  • 1 X FILTER F

( A ) FILTER:  High density Ceramic Filter

  • This filtering process removes rust, dirt, sediments, suspended solids, and other physical particles and foreign material from old tanks and pipes.

( B ) FILTER: Pre-Activated Carbon Filter & High grade Sand

  • This filter removes residual chlorine, color, unpleasant odours, THMS detegents, organic compounds and chemical, IT also contains an impregnated silver carbon which removes germs.

( C ) FILTER:  “A” Grade Activated Carbon Block & Finest Activated Carbons

  • Removes and heavy metals, radioactive substances, harmful chemical and pesticides.


( D ) FILTER:  Minerals Stone & Resin

  • Hard Water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. This filtering process replaces hard ions like magnesium and calcium with softer ion sodium and potassium. Softened water saves on water heating costs.

( E ) FILTER: Bio Ceramic With Magnetizer

  • This process of filtration breaks down water molecule clusters into smaller cluster, making it easier for the body to absorb the water.

( F ) FILTER: High Density Carbon Block

  • Adjust water to optimum mild alkaline level. It increases calcium ions, magnetizes & ionizer as well as increases the water oxygen content.

***Life span of filter cartridge is subject to the water quality of the area as well as water consumption rates.



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