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Picogram Pureal Puri-5 R.O System Water Purifier (Pre-Order)

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Original price RM2,999.95
RM2,999.95 - RM2,999.95
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Puri-5 R.O System

A high quality water filtration treatment system with a clean and sophisticated compact design. It is a product that has been verified of the performance and safety through the NSF of USA, Chinese sanitation safety, Japanese Ministry of Health,Labor, and Welfare, and Russian GOST Verification Test.

This is a product that provides an unchanging taste that is clean and healthy, and the familiar and excellent Puri-5 design increases the value of the customer’s drinking water system.

  • Features
    • Neat and sophisticated compact design
    • Easy and quick filter change with the SQC (Sanitary Quick Change) method
    • Automatic shut-off water flow during the replacement of the filter with the built-in automatic shut-off valve
    • Safety guaranteed through the firm structure (Regulations of the NSF structure test satisfied)
    • Safety guaranteed on the human body with the use of parts made from NSF-approved materials
    • Blocks the possibility of secondary contamination as a storage tank is unnecessary
    • fficient water filtering function with the various water treatment systems

  • Specification
    • In/Outlet : 1/4", Quick Change Fitting
    • Operation Pressure : 10 ~ 125psi
    • Dimension : 297(W) x 97.5(D) x 385(H)mm
    • Temperature : 4 - 40°C cold water use only
    • Material : PP, ABS, POM
    • Filtration step : Sedi - Carbon block - UF - GAC

    The Puri-5 Water Filtration System is a product that allows easy filter replacement with no risk of leakage or special tools, as it is a product that has been constructed with an exceptional design that is familiar to consumers. The Puri-5 products, and the filter system produced with Picogram’s special technology enhances the taste of water and perfectly removes substances that are harmful to the body, such as residue chlorine in the water source. High-quality drinking water can be supplied with the effective water treatment technology, and healthier and cleaner drinking water can be supplied at a more affordable cost than purchasing standard mineral water.

    Items Sediment Carbon Block Carbon GAC UF
    Materials Vessel PP PP PP PP
    Media PP PAC GAC Polysulfone
    Productoin Rate (GPD) N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Recovery Rate
    (% of total input flow)
    100 100 100 100
    Minimum Flow Rate
    at 15 psig-dynamic (gpm)
    Operating Temperature
    Pore size
    5 5 N/A 0.1
    Media Size
    11" 41.5x20X215 41.5X220X21 210cc/165g 105mm/(0.35㎡)
    Working pressure
    35~100 35~60