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Picogram Pureal Nipple-Type R.O System Water Purifier (Pre-Order)

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Nipple-Type R.O System

This is a product that allows easy installation and construction, as the inlet and outlet water are formed on one side of the nipple (1/4”) form U-Type filter.
Safety is guaranteed with the use of parts made from NSF-approved materials, and cartridges with 8”, 11”, and 13” water filters can be equipped according to the capacity, being a product that allows various selections.

  • Features
    • U type structure 1/4” nipple-type filter
    • Wide selection of sediment/carbon (granular/block)/UF /RO/ceramic filter etc.
    • Safety guaranteed through the firm structure (Regulations of the NSF structure test satisfied)
    • Safety guaranteed on the human body with the use of parts made from NSF-approved materials
    • Cartridges selectable for each water filter capacity (8”, 11”, 13”)

  • Specification
    • In/Outlet : 1/4″ Nipple Type
    • Operation Pressure : 10 ~ 125psi
    • Dimension : 8”(66 x192mm), 11” (66 x 294mm), 13"(66 x 325mm)
    • Temperature : 4 - 40°C cold water use only
    • Material : PP, ABS, POM

    Raplacement Filter

    Items Sediment Carbon Block Carbon GAC UF
    Materials Vessel PP PP PP PP
    Media PP PAC GAC Polysulfone
    Productoin Rate (GPD) N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Recovery Rate
    (% of total input flow)
    100 100 100 100
    Minimum Flow Rate
    at 15 psig-dynamic (gpm)
    Operating Temperature
    Pore size
    5 5 N/A 0.1
    Media Size
    8" 45X15.5X167 260cc/130g 105mm/(0.35㎡)
    11" 40x20X202 41.5X22X202 240cc/170g 105mm/0.35㎡
    13" 41.5x20X245 41.5X20X245 390cc/195g 105/0.35㎡
    Working pressure
    35~100 35~60