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Picogram Pureal Commercial System(Maxtream hybrid) Water Purifier (Pre-Order)

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Commercial System(Maxtream hybrid)

Filter Technology (1Filter & 4Stage Hybrid Filter)
The hybrid water purification system
with the excellent performance developed
by the cutting edge technology in Korea

  • Features
    • Easy and quick filter replacement with the SQC (Sanitary Quick Change) method
    • Safety guaranteed through the firm structure (Regulations of the NSF structure test satisfied)
    • Use of NSF-approved materials
    • Simultaneous use of various uses with the abundant storage space
    • Wide applications in coffee machines, icemakers, and steamers etc
    • Cartridges selectable for each water filter capacity (15??SPAN lang="EN-US">, 20??

  • Specification
    • In/Outlet : 3/8"
    • Dimension : 1 Stage system(184 x 135 x 496mm), 2 Stage system(329 x 135 x 496mm)
    • Filter size : 15"
    • Service Flow Rate : 1.5GPM(5.67LPM), 3.0GPM(11.34LPM)
    • Capacity : 15,000G(56,750L), 30,000G(113,500L)