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[Brown] Rishiri hair coloring treatment, Non-Additive & Silicons 利尻昆布染髮劑-褐色 日本第一 染髮過敏的救星

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What's in the Box?

  • Rishiri Hair Colouring Treatment (Brown)


  • Model: Rishiri Hair Colouring Treatment (Brown)
  • Colour: Brown
  • Natural Hair colour treatment made with natural ingredients.
  • It dyes your hair at a time every time you apply.
  • Great for people with sensitive skin and allergies to chemical hair dyes.
  • Dyeing hair naturally and smoothly with all natural ingredients, while taking care of damaged hair.
  • Moisturizing effect would be long retained and providing abundant Vitamin E.
  • Containing natural Laminaria Ochotensis Extract, a new type hair colorant, gentle for the hair and scalp.
  • Taking care of grey hair with Rishiri Kelp.


  • Drain off water from hair after shampooing and apply it at white hair area thoroughly and evenly. Keep as it is for approximately 1 hour then wash hair thoroughly.


  • Although this product does not contain dyes oxide, it does not mean that no one suffers from irritation and allergy. As such, patch test is compulsory to conduct before use.


  • 天然,不含化学成份PPD、矽灵、二胺、尼泊金、矿物油等添加剂
  • 不使用Paraben、無矽靈、無香料、無礦物油、不使用氧化劑、不使用4級amine、不使用Diamine系列色素、不使用Tar系列色素
  • 白发专用,使用起来舒适无刺鼻味,对头皮跟头发保养有益
  • 具保湿成分,包括天然的利尻海带提取物,及28种混合植物性成分
  • 利尻昆布的黏性是美容成分的凝集,它独特的黏液,可用来修复受损发质
  • 使用的感觉跟效果依个人会有不同的差异,无法保证绝对效果
  • 成分: 天然利尻昆布、人蔘、常春藤、迷迭香、果香菊、山金車、當藥 等及其他21種
  • 保存方式: 請放置於陰涼場所,勿陽光直射
  • 保存期限: 商品未開封,自製造日起3年、商品已拆封,自拆封日起3個月


  • 染髮時若擔心弄髒指甲,建議使用染髮用手套及專用梳子
  • 第一次使用有難上色的情況,建議可加長等待時間,或連續三天每天上色一次
  • 本產品對人體無害且操作簡單,可經常使用,定期使用效果會越來越明顯