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KDF EWC Pre-Filter, Antibacterial + Heavy Metals Reduction Water Treatment Cartridge Water Filters


  • 100% Authentic & brand new.
  • KDF media: Removes bacteria, chlorine, heavy metal content, other contaminants, and odors at the point-of-use. 
  • KDF Materials imported from U.S.A.
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  • NFS Certified, ISO 9001, WRAS & etc.
  • KDF 55 Medium Designed specifically for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. It controls scale, bacteria and algae, even in hot water. The process medium received NSF International Certification and is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 – Drinking Water Treatment Units – Aesthetic Effects. This medium is also in compliance with California’s Health and Safety Code Section 166875 (or commonly know as AB1953) and Vermont Act 193.

Chemical Reaction in Filters with KDF® Process Media

KDF® media donating two negatively charged electrons to each molecule of chlorine to reduce it to the lower oxidation state of chloride. Chloride are highly soluble and innocuous molecules that don't possess oxidation properties any longer.

KDF Media can remove up to 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. All KDF Process Media forms are effective in controlling the buildup of bacteria, algae, fungi and scale, making them ideal for use in GAC beds, ion exchange resins, carbon block filters and inline carbon filters. Wherever our Media are used, they can eliminate the need for costly, and sometimes harmful, chemical treatments. 

2 layers of Filtration:

Layer 1:

Activated carbon, removes organic chemical & harmful radical.

Layer 2:

KDF media, enhanced V2.0 to reduces/removes heavy metals & make water taste much better.  

High density activated carbon block, to removes chlorine, odors taste and make water much better taste. 
Doulton holds Certification, Accreditation, or Membership with the following Agencies:

  • ISO 9002 Quality Standard
  • National Sanitation Foundation standards 42 and 53
  • Water Quality Association

Why we should to remove lead, Mercury & Cadmium from drinking water?

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>> Cadmium Poisoning 


Package Content:

1 x KDF EWC Pre-FIlter

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