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Japan Torayvino Shower head filter, Toray Shower RS51 Filtered Shower Head,

Original price RM208.00
Current price RM199.95

Gentleness and moisturises your hair and skin!

  • Fully imported from Japan.
  • Premium JAPAN Torayvino Shower Head Filter.
  • Filter Media: Fiber activated carbon.
  • NO Chlorine! NO Rust. Skin Care No. 1 shower head.
  • Recommended cartridge replacement: 5 months**
  • Consumption for above 80L per day.
  • Protect your hair and skin from chlorine damage.
  • Using safe materials.
  • Easy to grip slim handle with dimples.
  • Easy switching between chlorine removal and tap water.
  • All above test results has been tested according to Japanese industrial standard (JIS) S3201.
  • The life of filter cartridge may change depending on the water quality, temperature, season, region and other factors.

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