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Ioncares Portable Hydrogen Water Bottle Hydrogen Bottle Maker Hydrogen Water Purifier Tumbler Hydrogen Water

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10 reasons to start drinking hydrogen water!

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# key features:

  • brand: Ioncares

  • Model: ICH0095

  • convenience #convenient to generate hydrogen water with just on button

  • healthy# harmless to the human body and 99.9% sterlizing action ite penetrates into skin pores to sterilize germs casuing skin problems and helps remove skin waste.

  • economical # use tap water / bottle water semi permanent use

  • Beneficial water in my hand!Carrying hydrogen generator ion care tumbler when! Enjoy handful of water anywhere easily

  • Effect of Hydrogen Water Maker Ninety percent of the causes of our human illness are caused by excessive free radicals in the body. If these active oxygen are not reduced in the body, they will cause inflammation in the body or accelerate aging. Therefore, it is recommended to eat antioxidant foods such as vitamin C to eliminate it. Ion Plus H + helps to remove free radicals to generate hydrogen peroxide easily anywhere and anytime

  • Hanging handle: It is easy to carry and move since you can hold it by hanging it on your finger.

  • Air vent: It can be used more safely as the air vent properly controls internal pressure generated when producing hydrogen water.

  • Hydrogen generator: It supplies pure hydrogen only through the PEM-method hydrogen-generator and maintains constant dissolved hydrogen content over 1,000 ppb.

  • Touch button: It generates hydrogen water anytime, anywhere with one-touch simple control.

  • Round cap: You can drink water more conveniently with the convexly rounded mouth of the container.

  • PETG material: It is made of PETG material that can be used more sagely from endocrine hormones and harmful substances. The exterior surface is clear-coating treated so it is resistant to scratches and contamination.

  •  Oxygen outlet: It separately discharges oxygen generated from the PEM-method hydrogen generator.

  •  Platinum/titanium electrode: It uses platinum-coated electrodes on the titanium raw material so as to increase electrolysis efficiency and create no odor when drinking


    Package content:

    • 1 x Ioncares Hydrogen Water Bottle ICH0095
    • 1 x Charger cable
    • 1 x User Manual