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Ecowater EMF110H Metsorb technology + 0.2 micro filtration Water Purifier Antibacterials Heavy Metals Removal, VOC removal, odor taste removal



Package Content:


  • FREE standard Installation. *RM200 ~ RM250
  • Your Water Perfected!
  • EcoWater Trusted Brand Since 1925
  • A Marmon Water / Bershire Hathaway Company
  • Fortune 500 2018.
  • model: EMF 110H
  • 0.2 micron rating MR FACT tech GAC 0.5 micron
  • flow rate: 3L / Min
  • Dimension: 108x112x403mm
  • 3500L +-18months
  • New elegant design, small stylist and compact, install undersink, saving space, installation space under the sink. The new unique composite filter adopts the US patent Metsorb lead removal technology, combined with imported compressed activated carbon and MR FAT technology folding film, the filtration precision is up to 0.2 micron, the folded pleated technology can increase the absorption capacity, high flow rate and efficiency in filtration.

PTS500 + PTS43:

Purify your whole house water with our outdoor water filter systems that are ideal for household, restaurant, commercial and small industries use

Filtration Density Of 5 Micron • Whole house Filtration System • Hassle Free Self Maintenance • Space Saver, Vertical / Horizontal • Great For Skin Care And Healthcare • Protect Your Household Equipment • High Flow Rate


  • Reduce particles down to 5 micron nominal
  • suitable for home & light commercial applications
  • come with 1 strainer + extra 1 pleated cartridge
  • Max pressure up to 90 psi / 6.2 bar