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Doulton DCP2+FRC+BTU

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For use within a multi filtration system including our Dual Countertop system and our Dual Undercounter system. Cannot be used within a single chamber system. Pair our fluoride filter with our ceramic filter element to achieve great-tasting filtered drinking water. Doulton Fluoride 9B04 Doulton reduction cartridge could helps to reduce unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride in your mains supply drinking water.

What is Fluoride?

Have you ever wondered what toothpaste is made of? It should be noted that, some of the toothpaste can be as harmful as it is beneficial and can pose considerable risks to the teeth. Besides, more than 95% of toothpastes available in the market contain fluoride. Itchy skin, stomach problems, intoxication & disruption in gluocose metabolism might be the syptoms of fluoride poisoning.


BTU Biotect Ultra Ceramic Water Filter Candle (NSF)

0.2 micron rating, heavy metals removal for mercury, lead, cadmium, chemicals, fluoride,chlorine, cysts & retains good essential minerals for well-being, plus antibacterial 过滤重金属,水银,铅,镉。化学物质,氯, 臭味,囊肿, 以及抗菌功能,氟化物 和保留天然人体需要的矿物质。


What's in the box?

Doulton DCP2 Biotect Ultra 2501(NSF) Filter + Flouride Water Treatment Filter(ON)Countertop Drinking Water Purifier System with user manual & tube hose & diverter complete system.