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💥💥💥 Sept SALES! 💥💥💥 PROMOTION!!
💥💥💥 Sept SALES! 💥💥💥 PROMOTION!!


[DARK BROWN] Rishiri Coloring Stick 20g, hair color treatment, haircare, hair treatments, hair coloring shampoo rishiri made in Japan 利尻昆布染髮筆-咖啡色 局部白髮專用 無刺鼻味

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What's in the Box?

  • Rishiri Colouring Stick 20g (Dark Brown)


  • Model: Rishiri Colouring Stick 20g (Dark Brown)
  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • 100% Natural, NO Additive, Silica FREE
  • Hair Colouring Treatment
  • Treat the hair by Additive-FREE Colouring Stick for cover the grey hair
  • Natural Hair Colouring Stick Pen Dye 20g
  • All-Natural Combination of 22 kinds of vegetable extracts. Gentle on the skin with no harsh chemicals or preservatives
  • A colouring pen for covering grey hair at selected areas such as the hairline, sideburns or any other parts that need to be concealed
  • A fast solution that does not need any washing or colouring tools like gloves or capes, covers grey hair gradually

利尻昆布染髮筆 _咖啡色

  • 天然,不含化學成份PPD,無添加矽靈、防腐劑、礦物油、香料、二胺、尼泊金
  • 白髮專用,出門前輕鬆塗抹,遮蔽白髮
  • 免沖洗、免手套、免戴浴帽&斗篷,不會弄髒手,輕鬆遮蓋白髮
  • 天然利尻昆布萃取具有良好的保濕成分
  • 快乾、沒有令人不舒服的黏膩感,使用起來舒適無刺鼻味
  • 使用「利尻白髮染髮筆」當天務必洗髮避免枕頭及寢具沾染到染髮品
  • 使用的感覺跟效果依個人會有不同的差異,無法保證絕對效果
  • 成份: 無矽靈、無香料、無礦物油成份內含北海道利尻昆布、人蔘根精華、洋甘菊精華、山金車花、迷迭香葉等22種植物萃取成分
  • 保存方式: 請放置於陰涼場所,勿陽光直射
  • 保存期限: 商品未開封,製造日起3年、商品已拆封,自拆封日起3個月

* 使用「利尻白髮染髮劑/筆」的當天請務必洗髮,避免枕頭及寢具沾染到染劑