WPU B300C Sk Magic WIZ C Hot Cold Ambient Filtered Water Dispenser + UV Self-Sterilization + advanced technology


Rental RM100 / month!

Package Content:

  • 1X SK Magic Jik Soo WIZ C w/ built-in Water Purifier System


  • Mystery Gift!!


  • FREE one time standard installation.

Home visit onsite service:


Be healthy with automatic UV sterilizing water room

  • UV Safe-Care, Self-sterilization,
    always clean

  • Trendy Design, Aesthetic Lighting Function
    and mood lamp

  • High-tech NANO filter, No viruses and 
    any harmful elements

UV Safe-Care

  • 304 Stainless steel water room

    Secure hygienic
    water room condition
  • Secure contamination-free water room

    Every 12-hour, 7 minutes Water Room
    Automatic UV Sterilization
  • Secure bacteria-free water tab

    Every 2-hour, 10 minutes 
    Water Tab UV sterilization
  • Harmless UV- C Wave Sterilizes 99% of harmful
    microbes for Contamination-Free.

Magic Service

  • Use like brand new one.
  • Offer every 12-month free replacement of 4 parts and every 4-month steam sterilization to keep sanitized condition 
  • Every 12-month free replacement of

4.8L Massive cold water capacity

  • Large capacity for enough amount of
    water dispensing
  • Fulfilling the water room in 
    only 3 minutes
  • Suitable for offices, cafes, hospitals and
    those kind of public areas

Convenient Use

95°C Boiling Hot Water

Hot water at your convenience

  • Water for Coffee(85°C ~ 90°C)

    Ideally hot for making coffee

Easy To Choose Hot Water Dispensing

  • For single touching boiling button, single time boiling water dispensing is available. without waiting
  • Water for Boiling (90°C ~ 95°C)
  • Boiling hot for instant noodles

25.5cm Slim Size

  • Maximize space efficiency
  • with 2 in 1 water tab.


  • TYPE OF PRODUCT Countertop 
  • TYPE OF DISPENSER 1 Tab for Ambient, Hot and Cold water
  • TANK CAPACITY (L) Hot - 1.65 | Cold - 4.8 
  • POWER SUPPLY AC 220~240V / 50Hz
  • EMPERATURE CONTROL Electronic temperature control
  • DIMENSION (MM) W255 X D520 X H510 
  • NET WEIGHT (KG) 20

    Filtering System

    Nano-filtering system with SK magic's innovative technology

    SK magic's Nano-filtering system completely filters out viruses, micro-organism, heavy metals yet minerals to enhance the quality of water.

    • Sediment 4" (4 Months)

      Removes larger
      particles such as rust,
      dust and sand

    • Carbon Block 4" (4 Months)

      Removes residual chlorine 
      in water and various other
      harmful organic compounds

    • Nanotech PAC 4" (12 Months)

      Removes harmful microorganisms 
      such as bacteria, colon bacillus,
      norovirus and permeate useful minerals

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