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Doulton TCP6 Fluoride Reduction + Biotect Ultra Healthy Minerals Water Filters System

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Doulton drinking water system, Trusted by millions. Doulton water provides, healthy, natural, finest, great tasting minerals water for the whole family to enjoy!

#Why Doulton Water?

  • Reverse your treatment water, tap water back to natural, finest, great tasting healthy drinking water. 

A Counter-Top system complete with BioTect Ultra filter.

# What's in the box?

1 X Doulton Biotect Ultra Ceramic Water Filter Candle

1 X Doulton Fluoride Reduction Cartridge

1 X Doulton Dual Filters Housing w/ built-in faucet

1 X Accessories & user manual 

*1 Year warranty. T & C.

# Product Info:

This is enhanced with fluoride reduction cartridge reduces unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride in the mains supplied drinking water.

The TCP6 is DUAL ABS, BPA FREE housing which is extremely easy to install and uninstall, making it portable and, therefore, the ideal solution for people who move house on a regular basis.  It fits the most common threaded kitchen taps via a diverter valve.  Candle supplied separately.  

A new Fluoride reduction cartridge from Doulton significantly reduces unwanted fluoride from your drinking water.

  • Designed to reduce fluoride to safe levels in your drinking water using a specially enhanced alumina-based adsorbent, which is certified to NSF STANDARD 61.
  • The media in the Doulton cartridge is capable of adsorbing up to 3750 ppm of Fluoride, providing protection for up to 3 months. The performance will vary depending upon the nature of the incoming water supply. For optimum performance use a service flow rate of 2L/min.
  • Cartridge constructed with WRAS and NSF approved materials.
  • Ideal for use with a range of Doulton ceramic filter cartridges in the Duo housing which provide additional protection against pathogenic bacteria, cysts, chlorine, taste, odor, and heavy metals.
  • Simple to install, use and maintain. No power required. Low running costs.

    #  Doulton Biotect Ultra 2504 Candle:

      Premium & extreme high-end quality ceramic water filters. The diatom ceramic shell is fitted with an activated carbon block insert containing lead, mercury & cadmium removal media.

      # Benefits: 

      Removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc. with additional chlorine, organics, and lead, mercury & cadmium removal capabilities

      # # # 6 layers of Filtration Power:

      # Layer 1: Activated carbon, removes organic chemical & harmful radicals.

      # Layer 2: The Fluoride reduction cartridge reduces unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride in the mains supplied drinking water

      # Layer 3: Diatom ceramic water filter, filter power 0.2 micron removes rust & small particles.

      # Layer 4: Silver Ion, nano tech-enhanced anti-bacteria formula properties to kill bacteria & viruses.

      # Layer 5: High density activated carbon block, to removes chlorine, odors taste and make water much better taste. 

      # Layer 6: ATS exchange ions & resin to removes lead, mercury & cadmium. 

      # Product details:

      • Model: TCP6 + FRP

      • Dimensions: 32cm(H) x 19.5cm(W)

      • Material : ABS, Food Grade material.

      • Number of Filter Candle: 1 BTU + FRP

      • Filter Candle Type: 10(Long) x 2 (diameter) inches/(254 x 49mm) Short mount

      • Range: BTU short thread mount 19mm M12 + Fluoride removal Filter

      • Connections: Diverter fits onto most common threaded kitchen taps

      • Flow Rate: 120L/hour

      • Filter Life span: up to 9 - 12 months

      • Minimum Working Pressure: 1 Bar

      • Flow rate: 1.9/L @ 2 Bar

      • Working temperature range: 5 ~ 38 degrees Celcius

      • Working pH range: 5.5 ~ 9.5

      # Why we should remove Lead & Cadmium from drinking water?

      >> Basic Information about lead in drinking water?

      >> Health effects exposures mercury?

      >> Cadmium Poisoning  

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