Bundle: Paragon Filters System + SNS UF5000 UF Membrane Whole Filtration System

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  • 1 x PTS43 Pre Filter
  • 1 x Main Pipe POE

Package content:

1 x UF5000 UF Membrane Filter

1 x Paragon Filters CB6 SR6


Paragon Filter:

CB6 / SR6 Filters

ideal solutions for restaurant / shoplot / hotel / school / office for high usage of filtration system, filter capacity up to 34,000 litres.


This UF membrane filter power is up to 0.01 micron high flow rate up to 4500 litres / hour. ideal for household or commercial use.


  • cleaner & clearer drinking water system
  • heavy metals removal & NSF certified for Paragon Filter
  • Tested & proven filtration system
  • Chlorine, Bacterial ,Cyst odor taste Free 

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