10" Ioncares Ultra Filtration Water System, U type

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Package content:

1 x Korea Ioncares 10" Sediment Filter

1 x Korea Ioncares 10" Pre Carbon Filter

1 x Korea Ioncares 10" Silver Carbon Filter

1 x Korea Ioncares 10" UF Membrane Filter


  • 1 x British Portacel Standard Ceramic candle
  • 2 Meters Tube Hose
  • 8 units elbow connector


All Korea 2000 / 3000 series Water Filters System & all conventional water filter system.

    Product Info:

    Imported from: Korea

    Size: 10" inches

    Connection type: "U" type


        Sediment Filter

        • This filter is for use in reverse osmosis drinking water and ultra-filtration systems as pre or sediment filter.

        Pre-Carbon Filter

        • Made of high purity activated charcoal with superior porous removes organic chemical substance including remaining chlorine contents in the water and the function of membrane as we as increasing lifespan.

        Silver Carbon Filter

        • Inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The addition of silver in the GAC of this filter has brilliant performance of anti-bacteria.

        UF membrane Filter

        • 0.01 ~ 0.04 micron, block bacteria & virus and allows good minerals for health can pass through.