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💥💥💥 Sept SALES! 💥💥💥 PROMOTION!!
💥💥💥 Sept SALES! 💥💥💥 PROMOTION!!


ChungHo Water Purifier, 3 IN 1 PREMIUM MINERAL ROSE GOLD EDGE Hot Cold Ambient + Minerals Water Dispenser

Original price RM3,800.00 - Original price RM3,800.00
Original price RM3,800.00
RM3,800.00 - RM3,800.00
Current price RM3,800.00

What's in the Box?

  • ChungHo Water Purifier System 3-in-1 Hot / Normal / Cold Water Dispenser


  • Model: ChungHo Water Purifier System 3-in-1 Hot / Normal / Cold Water Dispenser
  • 3-in-1 Water Purifier with Improved ChungHo Patented Peace of Mind Technology
  • Colour: Rose Gold
  • Ambient - 4.2L / Hot - 0.6L / Cold - 2.5
  • Pure mineral water via RO Membrane and Premium Mineral Filter
  • 1 Year Warranty by ChungHo Malaysia
  • FREE 1 Year Service
  • Power Consumption: Hot 270W - 1640W (Instant) / Cold 0.6A

  • Tank Capacity: Hot - 0.57L / Cold - 2.5L / Ambient - 4.2L

  • Filters: Stage 1 Sediment Filter / Stage 2 Pre-Carbon Filter / Stage 3 R.O Membrane Filter / Stage 4 Post-Carbon + Mineral Filter
  • Dimension: 290mm (W) x 497mm (D) x 474mm (H) - 17.8kg


  • Compact Size (Width: 29 cm): The compact-sized water purifier can be installed freely where you want as effectively utilising the space.
  • Extended Water Dispensing Space: It is convenient to take water with any shape of the bottle as big as 1.5 L bottle as the height of the water dispensing space is more than 25 cm.
  • 24-Hour Natural Water Circulation System (N.W.P.W): ChungHo Nais purification system is designed to allow water to continuously flow for 24 hours within the water purifier by adopting a natural circulation method. This mode, entitled N.W.P.W. applies the natural weight of water pressure in order to always supply clean and freshwater. (patent: No.105585)
  • Dual Heating System: Hot water is made by the instant heating method and hot tank heating method and users can easily select the method by their preference. It enhances energy efficiency.
  • Easy Replacement of Filters: It is convenient to replace filters as they could be detached by just lifting them.
  • Touch Sensor Application: Unlike ordinary button applications, ChungHo Water Purifier EDGE has a built-in touch sensor buttons. The easy-touch sensor application is designed for effortless and enjoyable drinking water with ice.
  • Easy Maintenance System: It is more convenient than an empty ambient and cold water tank within 14 minutes by pressing the button once for cleaning inside.
  • Water Level Detection Sensor: Differed from the ordinary float level sensor, a capacitive sensor is used for improving water level detection accuracy without afloat. Capacitive sensor stably detects the water level in a more reliable and safer way. The signal from the sensor is sent to a controller in order to automatically adjust purified water level.
  • Water Amount Selection Function: It is convenient that users can take the desired amount of Ambient / Cold Water. (1 Step: 150ml, 2 Step: 300ml, 3 Step: 600ml)
  • Enhanced Water Leak Prevention: To prevent any damage from water leak, an automatic water leakage stop valve installed on the base panel to stop source water inlet immediately.
  • Display of Abnormal Occurrence and Reinforced Safety Function: The safety features of the unit have been enhanced in order to prevent various problems. The system will inform the user(s) of abnormal occurrences through a flashing display LED and by automatically stopping the water purification function when an abnormality in the system is detected.
  • Automatic Water Dispensing: This system enables users to obtain water by lightly pushing the dispensing button.
  • Operation Beep Sound: This provides users with sound effects (Ding, Dingdong~, etc) which indicate operation setting upon pressing the button by changing its sound.
  • Default Function: Water selection is programmed to return to cold water selection. If the user doesn't take ambient water more than 10 seconds, it automatically returns to cold water selection.
  • Power Saving Function: It is designed and manufactured for improving energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption.
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning System: The automatic filter cleaning system is applied to constantly maintain the filter quality by eliminating accumulated contaminant.

ChungHo Nais Patented Technology:

  • Auto Cleaning System ACS
  • Anti Stagnant Water NWPW
  • Hybrid Hot Water System


  • FREE first-year onsite service with filters replacement.
  • Every 3 months for maintenance, cleaning, sanitation, and filter replacement.
  • In the second year, customers may subscribe to the membership for services & maintenance extension.