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Tankless Water Dispenser

3 Seconds Instant Hot & Cold, Warm and Room Temperature Water Dispenser

# advantages:

  • No reboiling, every drop of water is instant hot!
  • Latest technology, use safety ceramic heater for hot water!

# Specification:
Dimension (mm): W180 x H410 x D520mm
Power Consumption : Cold water (80W) ; Hot Water (2400W)
Supply : 230V / 50Hz
Water Supply Capability : 30L / hr
Net Weight: 18kg
Hot: 85C - 95C
Cold: 6C - 10C
Warm: 45C - 50C
Room: 25C - 30C

Filtration System :

  1. Compound Filter
  2. Carbon Filter
  3. Nano Plus Filter

Simbi S1 Special Product Features:

Simple Turn Knob:
Twis't the knob to select the desired water temperature. All types of water will be dispensed from a single water outlet.

Easy Twist: 
Extra convenient ways to replace the filter cartridges. Without opening a single screw from the machine, you can replace the filter cartridge by plug and twist only.

Multiple functionality: 
Mutliple selection on water temperature, there are 4 types of temperature: Room, Cold, Hot and Warm water.
3 types of water amount selection, 120ml, 500ml, and auto dispensing

Safety Child lock: 
Protect your children fr
om unexpected accident with hot water. 

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