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KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer Replacement Cartridges, Filter 1 and Filter 2 [Gold Chipset 6000K, 9000K]

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Package content:

1 x KYK Filter 1 [Gold chipset *6000K]

1 x KYK Filter 2 [Gold chipset *9000K]

Product info:

  • Replacement cartridges for KYK alkaline ionizer 
  • Compatible: KYK "Gold" color chipset only.
  • Fully Imported from Korea.
  • 100% Authentic KYK Filter 1 & 2
  • 1st filter : Removal of every foreign substances and chlorine, Enriched antibacterial performance
  • 2nd filter: Enriched purifying and antibacterial performance and by use of silver impregnated activated carbon of high quality, activated carbon and anti-microbial agent 

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