QQ128 Instant Hot & Room Temperature Water Dispenser, Compact & Portable elegant design

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Free return, within 7 days upon delivered.

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# Installation:

Free Installation. West Malaysia

# Package Content:

1 X QQ128 Instant Hot & room temperature water dispenser, *no filters

1 x ball valve & feed adapter

1 x 3 Meters tube hose

1 x User Manual & accessories  


  • Please do not use POWER EXTENSION for multiple devices, highly recommended to use single wall plug only!
  • Please do not touch the outlet when the machine is releasing hot water 99 degree celsius.

This is instant hot & room temperature water dispenser, good for daily milk powder  preparing/ instant hot coffee/milo/ any types of beverage drinking is excellence.

# Feature:

  • Instant Hot, 3 temperature for selection, 45 / 85 / 99 degree celsius 
  • water volume can choose from 150ml, 250ml to 500ml
  • no built-in filters highly recommend with filtered water system. or
  • Toray Pitcher filter >> click here to find out more..
  • Direct piping / refill with filtered water. 
  • 1 year standard warranty. T & C


Filters Package: 

1 x 8" Magic Sediment Filter

1 x 8" Magic Pre Carbon Filter

1 x 8" Magic Post Carbon Filter


# How to use:

After installation, power up the machine, the LED panel will show as "FO" which means "no water". Touch any button to pump up thw water. 

There is built-in sensor to show you the real time of temperature water and if no actions in 60 seconds, the machine will turned into "locked mode" and the "LOCK" indicator will be ON.  After another 60 seconds,  will turn the machine from "locked mode" into "sleeping mode".

1. Safety lock: when on, heating functions will not work.

"Touch the "LOCK" panel for 1 second to ."unlock"

2. Warm mode is room temperature water.

3. Temperature: 45 / 85 / 99 degree celsius for you to choose

4. Volume: 150 / 250 / 500ml for your to choose.

5. Hot: Once you selected the volume & temperature, touch the hot button then comes out hot water.

The screen show TDS, if the TDS number equal to or greater than 300ppm, the machine will alarm and stop heating.

Flushing the filters/cleaning the reservoir tank with water, 3-5 times until it is clean, before you start drinking.

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